Hold the helm

sail wherever you want

The world has changed!

The temperature of the Earth has risen and has lead to polar ice melt. Seas and oceans now cover the earth. Only about twenty island stand out. These islands used to be the main cities and megalopolis of the world…

In this new world, you will have to find your place!

Other pirates sail on the oceans and you will have to strive to become the wealthiest smuggler of all time by destroying other vessels to take their goods.

The ocean is your playground!

Learn to handle your ship and sail wherever you want on the seas over the world. Manage your resources, buy goods and do memorable battles against other smugglers on line to become the most famous pirate.

X-TORP throws you into a unique experience, combining survival, managing resources and epic naval battles.

X-TORP is available for all the healthcare professionals on Curapy.com.

To use the game, please join on Curapy.com.