A game mainly multiplayers on line

X-TORP is a multiplayer serious game available in several versions. The objective is to bring together the players in a competitive and collaborative spirit. The therapist acts as a moderator and sets up connections between players.


They train with the therapist or at home by doing adapted physical and cognitive exercises. The video game favours the social cohesion with the loved ones.

Professional helpers

They collect every information of the game: reaction time, spatiotemporal orientation, organization ability. Then they assess how the disease develops in order to set the parameters of the game according to information received.

Family helpers

The game is a tool to keep social cohesion with the patient. Family helpers play with their loved ones and take part in daily practice.

X-TORP is available for all the healthcare professionals on Curapy.com.

To use the game, please join on Curapy.com.