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Physical activity

X-TORP suggests a workout customized and developed for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and related pathologies.

This programme relies on three major aspects:

Principle of strength endurance

The game system created for X-TORP relies on the use of easy motor control with arms or legs that the player will repeat very often (lift up an arm on the side to turn, bend down to go underwater etc.) This repetition will lead to a strengthening of upper and lower limbs called strength endurance.

Principle of motor improvement

The movements suggested by the game are new to the patient/player and constantly performed in interaction with the interface of the game.

The game encourages motor learning, motor control and motor coordination (for instance eye-hand and eye-leg). All these actions have been developed to adequately boost elderly people and people affected by Alzheimer’s disease or a related pathology.

The simplicity of these actions points to possibilities of progress in terms of effort intensity (such as the use of weights at arms and legs).

Principle of stimulating the cardiorespiratory function

The main control of the game enabling the player to move on the map corresponds to walking standing still. This being done again and again during a certain lapse of time will increase the cardiorespiratory function.

X-TORP relies on the current link between preserving and/or improving the cardiorespiratory function and neuroplasticity (ability to develop the brain anatomically). Regularly taking part in a physical activity such as aerobic enables to improve executive functions and cognitive functions linked to memory. It also enables to increase the volume in some areas of the brain.

Cognitive activities

X-TORP suggests a script mode in which the player must become the strongest of all the smugglers. This objective is embodied through a system of experience levels and victories at sea. To fulfil his mission, the player can raise two kinds of challenge: sail, face other vessels and fulfil missions in the various cities of the game.

Spatial orientation

Sailing and looking for other vessels appeal to the orienteering ability of the player. Moreover, to find one’s bearings the player has to learn to use the radar, the map and navigation control. Moving about seas and oceans, the player will appeal to several cognitive processes to face other vessels or to get to town: praxis, spatial orientation, make decisions, anticipation (path of other vessels and their actions).

Entertaining exercises

During the missions within the cities, the player has to look for clues to find a treasure. The player has to collect five clues and to succeed he will need to achieve 5 specific tasks. Three of these tasks are entertaining exercises whose main rules result from neuropsychological tests enabling to stimulate a great diversity of cognitive functions. The two other tasks correspond to spatial orientation exercises at sea (to destroy target vessels, get back some goods).

Assess Alzheimer’s disease progress

X-TORP uses a game mode meant to evaluate some cognitive functions of the player. Three kinds of cognitive functions are evaluated through the game.

This programme relies on three main principles:

Executive functions

X-TORP suggests some recognized scientific tests adapted to the game script to be able to evaluate for the patient/player his planning, organization, reasoning, judgment, self-criticism, learning, inhibition and mental-flexibility abilities.

Tests used in X-TORP appeal to visual-motor ability, nonverbal intelligence, eye-hand coordination and making decisions.


A memory test using visual recognition is available in the game and consists in learning incident in a series of 48 items. After a 3 minutes delay, 48 pairs of images are shown to the player, each holding a target image and a distractor. To win, the player must identify the target image.

Visual and selective attention

L’épreuve de barrage fait appel à l’attention mais également au contrôle de l’impulsivité puisqu’il consiste à barrer des formes géométriques cibles dans un environnement rempli de formes géométriques différentes, le plus rapidement possible.

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