Serious Games & Alzheimer’s

Take part in the greatest battle of all-time !

A game for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease at the early stage

This game results from Az@GAME’s project. It is prize-winner from the number one e-health request for proposals Investment for the Future: ‟Health and autonomy at home thanks to digital”.

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Assess Alzheimer’s disease progress
Assess some cognitive functions of the player

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Promote physical activity
Strength endurance and stimulation of the cardiorespiratory function

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Boost cognitive abilities
Ability to find one’s bearing for the patient and entertaining exercises

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Keep social tie
Develop interaction player-player and player-therapist

Images of the game

Clinical assessment

At present X-TORP is under clinical assessment among three target population at Nice Sophia Antipolis teaching hospital.

This target population is made up of sedentary elderly people, patient suffering from MCI and the Alzheimer’s patient at the early stage to total 18 patients.

The main objective of this protocol is to show the use of these Serious Games for these populations. Similarly, we have to prove that these targeted populations are able to succeed in the cognitive stages and in the aerobic activity stages for a moderate to intense intensity: three times 1 hour per week.

The training protocol is planned over 2 months, test sessions included (9 weeks to the maximum).

A therapeutic game in the middle of innovation

In this adventure game coming right from the comic strips world, the patient/player takes the controls of a boat and sails throughout seas and oceans. Gesture and vocal controls enable him to move within the game and to fulfil his missions to become the wealthiest smuggler. Thanks to the game, he trains in a playful and adapted way at home surrounded by loved ones.

  • Motor coordination
  • Moderate aerobic activity
  • Stability and balance
  • Motor learning
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Spatial orientation
  • Processing speed
  • Organisational capability and being proactive
  • Praxis and processes
  • Decision-making
  • Trail Making Test
  • Digit Symbol Substitution
  • Iowa Gambing Task
  • Delayed Matching to Sample 48 items
  • Cancellation Test

"More important than figures and data collected X-TORP enables the patient to be more responsible and to take care of himself."

Professeur Philippe Robert

"The game follows the same process of clinical assessment than a drug, to prove its efficacy and be recognized as an actual medical device.”

Pierre Foulon

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