Playing is not difficult

The difficult part is to stop playing

Assess Alzheimer’s disease progression

X-TORP uses a Therapist mode to assess some cognitive functions of the player containing a set of tests designed from neuropsychologic standard tests.

The serious game offers adapted versions of these tests. Instead of using a sheet of paper and a pen, the patient/player fills in the tests by detecting his hand through Microsoft’s Kinect camera.

The tests design is adapted to the screenplay of X-TORP on the naval battle topic. The scientific method consists in checking the use of these tests and their relevance to assess cognitive functions.

Boost cognitive abilities

X-TORP puts forward a real game script with several goals to reach. The patient/player aims at becoming the strongest thanks to an experience level and victories at sea.

To succeed in his mission the player must face two kinds of challenge: sail and brave other vessels. The player has to fulfil missions on the various islands of the game.

By sailing and striving to find the patient brings about his orienteering ability and his propensity to use the tools at his disposal (radar, maps and sailing controls) while missions merge various entertaining exercises resulting from neuropsychological tests.

Promote physical activity

X-TORP relies on endurance related to strength and stimulation from the cardiorespiratory function to lead the player to practise a physical activity regularly.

Repetitively using an easy motor control (lift up an arm, bend down, get up), the player strengthens his upper and lower limbs. To speed up his boat the player has to walk standing still during a certain lapse of time to encourage an aerobic activity.

These movements are constantly made in interaction with the interface of the game encouraging motor learning.

Keep social tie

X-TORP relies on the hypothesis of cognitive improvement, in which each behaviour has an impact on the functioning of the brain. To support social involvement X-TORP suggests two kinds of social interactions.

The first interaction settles with the therapist. The recreational aspect of the game makes it easier for exchanges and the link patient and therapist becomes tighter.

The second interaction develops between players. X-TORP is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) and its objective is to bring together many players (patients and the general public) in a competitive and collaborative spirit.

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